Five Tips to Lower Your Monthly Car Payments

by Northside Auto Sales
4/22/2024 - Greer, SC
Refinancing, extending your loan term, and finding the lowest APR are all tips you can take to secure a lower monthly car payment. Northside details those tips, plus two more.

10 Great Compact SUVs You Can Find Under $20K

by Northside Auto Sales
3/20/2024 - Greer, SC
The used car market can be difficult to navigate, but here are 10 awesome compact SUVs you should be able to find without breaking the bank.

A Guide to Organizing Your Car's Paperwork

by Northside Auto Sales
2/26/2024 - Greer, SC
Spring (and spring cleaning) is upon us, so it's time to get organized for the year ahead. We'll explain what auto documentation you should have on hand and how to best organize it.

Presenting the Car Buying Dictionary

by Northside Auto Sales
2/14/2024 - Greer, SC
Consult our comprehensive dictionary of used car buying terminology, and gain the clarity needed to begin the process.